Planet USAPlanet USA

Genre: Comedy, Action
Directed by Flo Lackner

Major George Conrad, an obsessive war veteran and a patriotic chauvinist, is on a top secret mission to save the world. By the order of the former President of the United States, Conrad leads an elite commando unit, a crazy bunch of extraordinary talents.
Their destination: Moon. Their orders: Drill for oil.
Two filthy rich sheikh brothers have formed an alliance with the Americans and are financing the mission. After all, a pipeline from the moon to Earth will cost a lot of money… But none of the parties is who they seem to be and just as this “peace-keeping mission” reaches its peak, everything spins out of control...


Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
Directed by Michael Effenberger, Frank Raffel

Martin Geuer
Wesly Howard
Oliver Juhrs

Industrial magnate hires the former US Navy Seal Frank Mitchel to find his kidnapped daughter Susan. The only trail leads him to an abandoned factory in Poland. There Frank realizes that it all comes down to more than just a kidnapping.

Zombie Massacre - Apocalypse ZZombie Massacre - Apocalypse Z

Genre: Horror
Directed by Marco Ristori & Luca Boni
Produced by Uwe Boll

A bacteriological weapon – developed by the US Government to create a super soldier – spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle of Eastern Europe, Roznov. All citiziens have been turned into infected zombies.
The town is in quarantine, but the Government wants to destroy it to avoid the propagation of the epidemic.
The rest of the world is in the dark about everything. The plan is: to bring an atomic bomb into the nuclear plant of the city to pretend a terrible accident. No one has to know the truth.
A commando of mercenaries is hired to do the mission.
The leader is Jack Stone, an ex soldier now in jail to have murdered his brothers in arms during a mission. If he accomplish the mission he will be free.
The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against a bunch of men. There is no hope.
Who will survive?

Anger of the DeadAnger of the Dead

Genre: Thriller, Horror
Directed by Francesco Picone

Marius Bizau
Michael Segal
Roberta Sparta
Aaron Stielstra

In a world ravaged by a rabies virus that turns people into hungry cannibals, Alice a pregnant survivor, along with two other men, struggles to reach an island unaffected by the plague. Meanwhile a dangerous man is on the trail of a mysterious girl, and Alice soon discovers that zombies are not the only threat…



Thriller, Horror
Directed by Marcel Walz
Produced by Uwe Boll

Christa Campbell
Caroline Williams
Natalie Scheetz

Christine (Natalie Scheetz) who celebrates the bachelor party together with her girlfriends Olivia (Christa Campbell), Barbara (Sarah Hayden) and Claire (Annika Strauss) in Las Vegas. On their way back home they drive through the hot Nevada desert and finally met Seed! But this time Seed is not alone, he is accompanied by his pervert family clan, his Wife, a Brutal Officer and his Son Glen. But they have a Mission. And for this Bloody Event comes the four Girls to the right time, because the time is running for Seed and his Family!

Red ReaperRed Reaper

Genre: Action
Directed by Kristen Stewart
Written by Basha Barron
Produced by Tara Cardinal, Kristen Stewart
Executive Producer: Uwe Boll

Tara Cardinal
David Mackey
Ray Eddy
Eliza Swenson

For a thousand years, the Reapers guarded mankind from the demons that wait in the dark. Now, at the beginning of a new age, the Reapers are betrayed and slaughtered. Only one Reaper remains - Red, and she's out to exact revenge.

Hazard JackHazard Jack

Genre: Thriller, Horror
Directed by David Worth
Written by Doug Vandegrift, David Worth
Produced by Sheldon Silverstein

Amanda Maddox
Alison Lani
Macauley Gray
Kevin James Sporman

James the Gung-Ho All American football hero from a small town eagerly goes off to War in Afghanistan. After his two tours of duty, he sustains a Horrific Facial Injury from shrapnel. When he returns to America he
doesn't get much help, and has a crippling case of POST-TRAUMATIC-STRESS-DISORDER. He can't hold a job. His wife leaves him. He becomes homeless. He finds refuge in an abandoned hospital. When a group of College friends decide to have a weekend of fun, and Paintball War games at his sanctuary, that's when all hell breaks loose, and the
HORROR begins, and his name is Hazard Jack!

Kill Katie MaloneKill Katie Malone

Genre: Thriller
Directed by Carlos Ramos Jr
Written by Mark Onspaugh, Carlos Ramos Jr.,
Produced by Melanie Wagor
Executive Producer: Carlton Hickman
Co-Producer: Masiela Lusha

Masiela Lusha,
Stephen Colletti,
Jonathan 'Lil J' McDaniel,
Dean Cain

College students and best friends Ginger Matheson, Jim Duncan, and Kyle "Dixie" Canning, pool their cash to buy a "ghost" in an online auction. The three think it's all a goof, but once they open up the antique box to examine their "treasure," they unleash the vengeful spirit of an Irish servant girl who has been wreaking havoc on her owners throughout the generations.

In the Name of the King 2In the Name of the King 2

Genre: Action-Adventure-Fantasy
Directed by Uwe Boll

Dolph Lundgren, Natassia Malthe, Lochlyn Munro, Heather Doerksen

A tale of knights and kings, great courage and noble causes, magic and adventure.
The sequel to IN THE NAME OF THE KING.

A cloaked female wizard runs through a forest, being chased by assassins who are dressed in medieval clothing and who wear dark war face paint. She manages to expertly kill them all with her fighting knives and explosive alchemy. We follow her as she desperately makes her way through the woods, which are part of a large, modern-day park. A city sits in the background. This is Vancouver of today. The wizard, Elianna the Powerful, has come to our world to save the life of one man.

In this, the second world of In The Name of The King: Two Worlds. Our hero, Granger, is a modern, ex-military operative who finds himself thrust into a war that has crossed the fabric of time. Pulled back into Elianna's medieval era by her ancient magic, Granger discovers the first world's denizens revere him as the prophetic saviour of their world - the one who will lead them into salvation and save them from a deadly civil war that threatens their existence...

The Profane ExhibitThe Profane Exhibit

Genre: Thriller/ Horror
Directed by Andrey Iskanov

Amber-lynn Walker
Madeleine Horn

Deep within the underbelly of Paris, there is a club which is the home of a secret, wicked society. Their host is the elegant yet frightening Madame Sabatier. For their amusement, each member takes a turn and spins a true tale of their depravity ... There are no boundaries.


Genre: Horror
Directed by Marco Ristori, Luca Boni
Written by Marco Ristori, Germano Tarricone
Produced by Marco Palese, Filippo Corradin, David Bracci
Executive Producer: Marco Palese, FIlippo Corradin

Alex Lucchesi, Guglielmo Favilla, Claudio Marmugi, Rosella Elmi

The world - devastated by the Great Epidemic - is governed by hordes of living dead. Three men - Igor and Alen, two hunters of dead and a scientist, Gyno - try to give an answer to what has happened to the human race.
Alen and Igor leave for two days of hunting to find new "guinea-pigs" for Gyno and meet the most varied characters: a crazy painter, neo-Nazis and a mysterious girl, daughter of the feared Plague-Spreader, supposed craftsman of the epidemic...

The BreederThe Breeder

Genre: Thriller
Directed by Till Hastreiter
Produced by Holger Hage

Theresa Joy, Julie LeGal, Peter James Haworth

Amy and Sophie, two young American foreign aid workers, are hiking through the mysterious Caucasian mountains. Lost, they stumble upon a place that doesn't exist on any map, and is completely cut off from the rest of the world. No telephones, no roads, just the dark, looming, ominous mountains. In this archaic world one man strikes fear into the hearts of all. The Breeder kidnaps young women stained by sin, fallen angels such as Sophie. Provoked by her naked swim in a lake, he violently abducts Sophie and takes her to his breeding station, a secret former Soviet laboratory. Sophie needs to be cleansed of her sins, her guilt, and made innocent again. The Breeder has to completely possess her body before he can purify her. He wants Sophie to be happy to be with him. He wants the best for her. But first he has to break Sophie's will in the most barbaric of ways. Time to breed the perfect girl...

Bloodrayne - THE THIRD REICHBloodrayne - THE THIRD REICH

Genre: Action
Directed by Uwe Boll

Natassia Malthe, Brendan Fletcher, Michael Paré, Clint Howard, Marco Dovsek

It’s 1943 and the German army has spread its black tentacles across the European continent, mercilessly cutting a swath of destruction and carnage.

The Commandant’s soldiers, led by his trusted Lieutenant (Steffen Mennekes), tighten their iron grip on a small eastern town and facilitate the movement of transport trains to the nearby death camps. Meanwhile, a psychotic Doctor (Clint Howard) performs grisly experiments on people in the camps – and has a strange affinity for cutting open vampires, when he can get his hands on one.

And where there are vampires, there’s Rayne!

Now Rayne faces her greatest foe, a growing army of undead soldiers led by the Commandant. She and the Resistance must defeat the Commandant and his vampire troops before they manage to get back to Berlin, where they intend to make Hitler immortal.


Directed by Uwe Boll

The first movie inside the gas chamber.
This movie shows the nazi deathcamps how they were for real....
Killing factories.....!

A shocking and important movie.

The new movie from Uwe Boll.


Genre: Action - Comedy
Directed by Uwe Boll

Lindsay Hollister, Michael Paré, Clint Howard, Uwe Boll

It’s 1940 and the German army is oozing their ickiness across the European continent, indiscriminately slaughtering thousands.

On the Eastern Front, a motley group of Resistance Fighters, led by Nathaniel (Brendan Fletcher) and “Vadge” (Willam Belli), struggle valiantly against the Nazi scourge.

The German army, headed by the Commandant (Michael Paré), shadow puppet master, a mad, showtunes-singing Doctor (Clint Howard), and the newly-addicted-to-blood Lieutenant (Steffen Mennekes), threatens to eradicate the Resistance.

But coming to the rescue is Blubberella.

Half vampire, half woman, and all trouble, Blubberella loves nothing better than killing Nazis and a substantial turkey on rye. She has moved through the centuries destroying nasties and their like while perfecting the ultimate cotton candy recipe.

Blubberella and the Commandant face each other in a rail car and after a unseemly exchange of bodily fluids, the Commandant becomes infected by Blubberella and, unknown to her, begins his transformation into a powerful day-walking vampire.

Now Blubberella faces her greatest foe in her valiant struggle against tyranny and creatively used kitchen implements - a legion of undead Nazi soldiers and their ruthless leaders. Along the way she’ll lock horns with her oppressive mama, cross-dressing resistance fighters, dodgy S&M games, and even Hitler and his mad boardgame-playing skills.

Blubberella. She’s coming big time.

Max SchmelingMax Schmeling

Directed by Uwe Boll

Henry Maske (World Champion for 8 years in the Half Heavyweight)

Champion of the world through the fist in a time when the world is in shambles at the hands of Germany.

Max Schmeling’s athletic peaks unfortunately lie somewhere in the darkest canyons of German history. Yet, Max Schmeling proves that this can be the ultimate opportunity: Max Schmeling dares to stand up to Hitler and his horde of murderers. His popularity and his athletic achievements turn Max Schmeling into a shining hero during dark times. The world famous athlete understands that he is untouchable to the Nazis as long as he is successful in the ring! He does not leave Germany. He turns down the membership to the Nazi party but not the proximity to its ice cold leaders. His network of Nazi greats is filigreed, his plan is courageous and his path extremely dangerous. But Max Schmeling analyses his opponents like he does in the ring. He uses their weaknesses, their fears and trusts his strategy and his courage. Married to a half Jew, trained by a Jew, … but having tea with the Führer. He is committed to Jewish neighbors, aiding nightly escapes and is still in the lime light of public receptions with the Propaganda Minister. These are no contradictions for Max Schmeling but calculated risks and a means to the only goal: As in boxing, it is a careful management of his strengths and the outmanoeuvring of his opponent.

The Nazis will eventually see through the “Jew Lover”. And when Max Schmeling loses in the ring, they drop him and they hunt him. They will use him one last time because the Führer wants one last deed of the Reich’s hero: heroic death in war.

His last purpose for Hitler and his henchman.

But Max Schmeling has unforeseen stamina, a task ahead and defying the dangers, he knows how go the distance.


Directed by Uwe Boll

Edward Furlong
Kristanna Loken
Billy Zane
Matt Frewer
David O'Hara

Since 2003 the crisis in Darfur has claimed the lives of over 300,000 civilians. 2,8 million Darfuri have been displaced within Sudan. The JANJAWEED MILITIY & SUDANESE GOVERNMENT FORCES have been responsible for the majority of the rape, torture and murder. 3,8 million people are dependent on international humanitarian aid. One half of these people are beyond the reach of such help.

In 2009 a group of international Journalists visited a village in the Darfur region under the protection of the AFRICAN UNION (AU).

They were never the same again ...


Genre: Action/Thriller
Directed by Uwe Boll
Produced by Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke
Co-Producer: Brendan Fletcher

Brendan Fletcher
Shaun Sipos
Katharine Isabelle
Michael Paré

Bill Williamson is a young man living in small town USA. Bill has become frustrated with the world around him. Global warming, world hunger, over population and senseless consumption fuel his anger. Bill is no activist. He lives with his parents and has a dead-end job, but Bill has a way out. He unleashes his violent plan upon his town, while laying the foundations for a better life for himself. Bill forces his victims, and those that witness his madness, to share his vision, but he is unwilling to take responsibility for his actions. As the town is left searching for answers, Bill has already embarked on a new life.

The Final StormThe Final Storm

Genre: Action/Thriller
Directed by Uwe Boll
Written by Tim McGregor
Produced by Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke, Stephen Hegyes, Shawn Williamson
Executive Producer: Andreas Olavarria

Lauren Holly
Luke Perry
Cole Heppell
Steve Bacic

Biblical rain, dying animals, and a blood red moon; clearly, all is not well on the quiet farm in the countryside where Tom makes a living with his wife Gillian and their young son Graham. Before the cable and power goes out, glimpses of weather related catastrophes on a global scale are
hinted upon. Amidst these eerie signs, a soft spoken man named Silas stumbles onto their property, sick and cold. Even more disconcerting is how quiet Tom notices everything is... neighbors, cars, birds, crickets, all are nowhere to be seen nor heard. According to Silas it's not so much as the beginning of the end, but in fact the end itself, and they've been left behind.
As Tom goes about things in denial, believing that the flooding rains have simply evacuated the town, he shuts out those closest to him, allowing Silas, perhaps the only other man left alive, to grow closer to the emotionally starved Gillian and Graham. But the unsettling evidence cannot be ignored and Tom struggles with the horrifying truth: maybe it is the apocalypse. The rapture. The end of days. And they’re all that is left of humanity. As Silas slowly reveals his true colors with his murderous past, and lust for Gillian, the tension between the men builds until an explosive showdown occurs, with Tom defending his family, and fighting for their survival, and perhaps the survival of all mankind.

Midnight ChroniclesMidnight Chronicles

Genre: Fantasy
Directed by Christian T. Petersen
Written by Christian T. Petersen, Greg Benage, Christian T. Petersen
Produced by Christian T. Petersen
Executive Producer: Thomas H. Petersen, Joel Puckett, Cindi Rice, John Frank Rosenblum, Daniel Steel
Co-Producer: Keith Hurley

Bonni Allen
Matt Amendt
Chars Bonin
Dawn Brodey

In the world of MIDNIGHT, it is a time of overwhelming darkness. After three ages of scheming and war, the dark god Izrador has finally defeated the heroes and armies of the free races. Now, he rules the world of Aryth with an iron fist. Enslaved under the Shadow, the race of men leads an oppressed existence, and the elves and dwarves have retreated to distant forests and mountains, where their desperate resistance is slowly succumbing to the unyielding might of the Shadow. Investigating the disappearance of a legate priest, the infamous Mag Kiln has been ordered by the church to travel to the small Erenlander town of Blackweir. There, he soon becomes entangled in an old mystery and begins to uncover not only the forbidden legacy of the town, but the malevolent, prophetic force that grows within him. MIDNIGHT CHRONICLES is the epic narrative that tells the tale of two legendary characters -- one for the cause of good, the other for the cause of evil. This is the story of their rise, their struggle, and ultimately their fate, as their destinies become intertwined with that of the world and the dark god that occupies it.


Directed by Uwe Boll
Written by Peter Scheerer and Michael Roesch
Produced by Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke, Shawn Williamson
Executive Producer: Wolfgang Herold

Til Schweiger (The Red Baron, King Arthur, Lara Croft 2)
Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw II, Masters of Horror, Blond and Blonder),
Udo Kier (Blade, Halloween)

Based on the popular video game

A fizzing rocket hurtles towards Jack Carver's boat. He barely manages to escape before the ship is torn into pieces by the explosion. That was not quite how Carver had imagined the journey, when young journalist Valerie Constantine had engaged him for the trip. The captain was supposed to take her to a meeting with an informant on a remote island, but everything went terribly wrong. Whatever the secret of that island, its keepers aren't going to divulge it to anyone voluntarily.
Jack and Valerie make a narrow escape into the jungle. Hunted recklessly by the mercenary troops, they try to reach the other side of the island to capture a ship at the harbour. Nevertheless, after their arrival, they discover the island's secret: Dangerous experiments, through which scientist Dr. Krieger attempts to create the perfect killing machine.

Alone in the Dark 2Alone in the Dark 2

Genre: Thriller
Directed by Peter Scheerer and Michael Roesch
Written by Peter Scheerer and Michael Roesch
Produced by Uwe Boll
Executive Producer: Hans Baer, Matthias Triebel, Kenneth del Vecchio
Co-Executive Producer: Wolfgang Herold, Frederic Demey

Rick Yune (James Bond: Die Another Day, The Fast and the Furious)
Rachel Specter (Prom Night)
Lance Hendriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, Millenium)
Bill Moseley (Rob Zombies Halloween, The Devil´s Rejects,
House of 1000 Corpses)
Danny Trejo (Sin City 2, Once Upon A Time In Mexico,
From Dusk till Dawn)
Ralph Moeller (The Scorpion King, Gladiator)

After the US theatrical release of ALONE IN THE DARK by Lions Gate, and the enormous success of US and International DVD sales, BOLL AG brings the franchise back to the screen.

When night falls, and the creatures of the dark crawl out of the shadows, there is only one man standing between us and the forces of Evil. His name is Edward Carnby.
One of the most popular characters in video game history returns for a second mission.
Based on the best selling video game series by Atari.


Directed by Uwe Boll

Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, American History X)

STOIC - Inspired by a true story
In the claustrophobic confines of a jail cell, an inmate is discovered hanged. In the back-and-forth between the interrogation of his cellmates and the dehumanizing events that led to his death, the horrific truth about what really transpired reveals the duplicitous side of human nature.

The 5th CommandmentThe 5th Commandment

Genre: Action
Directed by Jesse Johnson
Produced by Andrew Zarrow, Rick Yune and Patrick Cole

Rick Yune (James Bond: Die Another Day, The Fast and the Furious, Snow Falling on Cedar, Alone in the Dark 2)
Dania Ramirez (X-Men 3)
Keith David (Transporter 2, Crash, Delta Farce)

A hitman must kill to save the lives of those he cares for. But what happens when good people do bad things for a good reason?
"The Fifth Commandment" is a tale of family, good & evil and the forces that influence the path of one’s life. It is a fast paced story that embraces the notion that there is good in everyone, regardless of circumstances or bad choices. The film sheds light on a timeless concept – at birth, there’s no such thing as good or bad people...circumstances effect us all, and in the end, we are each ultimately responsible for our own outcome. “The Bodyguard” meets “Romeo Must Die” with the action of “Ong Bak” and “The Transporter”.

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