Beyond Remedy

Poster Beyond Remedy

Genre: Thriller/Horror
Directed by Gerhard Hroß
Produced by Helmar Baum, Udo Bomnüter
Co-Producer: Andreas Grünberg, Alex Shaida

Marie Zielcke
Rick Yune (James Bond: Die Another Day, The Fast and the Furious)
David Gant (Braveheart, Ghandi)

An abandoned hospital. Full of vivid memories. Full of hopes. And full of fears. Every room is still haunted by the sighs, prayers and screams of former patients. In every corridor, you can still hear the slow footsteps of patients. In every operating room you can still feel the trembling seconds of the decision, the decision between life and death. Everybody stepping into this hospital invades a building as dark and confused as the human soul.
A group of students dare to enter this labyrinth. They want to investigate the phenomenon of fear. Fear - is it just an accumulation of hormones manipulating our emotions? Fear - is it just imagination, a phantom of our psyche? No, fear is something very real. Something that seizes you with an ice-cold hand. The students have to learn this lesson at a high price as a murderer starts to attack members of the group. Every one of them was chosen because of his or her individual phobia. The killer knows them all and creates a specific nightmare for each individual.