In the Name of the King

Poster In the Name of the King

Genre: Action-Adventure-Fantasy
Directed by Uwe Boll
Produced by Dan Clarke, Shawn Williamson
Executive Producer: Uwe Boll, Wolfgang Herold, Chet Holmes

Jason Statham (War, Death Race, Crank, The Transporter),
Ray Liotta (Narc, Goodfellas),
Claire Forlani (The Medallion, The Rock, Meet Joe Black),
Leelee Sobieski (The Wicker Man, Joy Ride),
Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo 1 & 2, Scream 1 & 2)
Burt Reynolds (Boogie Nights, Deliverance),
John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones),
Ron Perlman (Hellboy 1 & 2, Alien 4, Outlander),
Kristanna Loken (T3, Bloodrayne, Painkiller Jane, The L-Word),
Will Sanderson (House of the Dead, Bloodrayne).

An epic fantasy adventure based on Microsoft´s popular DUNGEON SIEGE game series. It is a tale of knights and kings, great courage and noble causes, magic and adventure.

IN THE NAME OF THE KING follows the journey of Farmer (Jason Statham) from simple family man to heroic leader. An unspeakable evil army rampages across what was an idyllic, peaceful world, destroying everything in its path, looking to conquer the evil Gallian (Ray Liotta) and the ruling King Konreid (Burt Reynolds), Farmer sets out to find his kidnapped wife, Solana (Claire Forlani), and avenge the death of his son, who was killed by the evil animal warriors called Krugs.