Poster Rampage

Genre: Action/Thriller
Directed by Uwe Boll
Produced by Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke
Co-Producer: Brendan Fletcher

Brendan Fletcher
Shaun Sipos
Katharine Isabelle
Michael Paré

Bill Williamson is a young man living in small town USA. Bill has become frustrated with the world around him. Global warming, world hunger, over population and senseless consumption fuel his anger. Bill is no activist. He lives with his parents and has a dead-end job, but Bill has a way out. He unleashes his violent plan upon his town, while laying the foundations for a better life for himself. Bill forces his victims, and those that witness his madness, to share his vision, but he is unwilling to take responsibility for his actions. As the town is left searching for answers, Bill has already embarked on a new life.