Hazard Jack

Poster Hazard Jack

Genre: Thriller, Horror
Directed by David Worth
Written by Doug Vandegrift, David Worth
Produced by Sheldon Silverstein

Amanda Maddox
Alison Lani
Macauley Gray
Kevin James Sporman

James the Gung-Ho All American football hero from a small town eagerly goes off to War in Afghanistan. After his two tours of duty, he sustains a Horrific Facial Injury from shrapnel. When he returns to America he
doesn't get much help, and has a crippling case of POST-TRAUMATIC-STRESS-DISORDER. He can't hold a job. His wife leaves him. He becomes homeless. He finds refuge in an abandoned hospital. When a group of College friends decide to have a weekend of fun, and Paintball War games at his sanctuary, that's when all hell breaks loose, and the
HORROR begins, and his name is Hazard Jack!