Primal Shift

Poster Primal Shift

Genre: Thriller
Directed by Scott Matthews
Produced by Scott Mattews, James Darby
Executive Producer: Russ Rossi

Stephanie Van Dyck
Jason Beaudoin
Lee Tomaschefski
Adam Boys
Emily Haine

A naÔve and socially repressed June hits the road with her now boyfriend, Max, on their first romantic trip down the coast. When a hitchhiker suddenly winds up dead in itheir RV, June canít deny the overwhelming thrill.

With a new bloodlust, June leads Max on a murderous rampage down the interstate, killing one unsuspecting hitcher after the other.

As their killing streak takes a turn for the worse, Julia, the sister of their first victim, catches wind of the murders and sets out on a manhunt of her own. With the authorities closing in and the hellhound on their trail, June and Max must fight for their lives to escape the chaos that surrounds them.