Death Valley

Poster Death Valley

Genre: Action / Thriller
Directed by T.J. Scott
Written by Brad MacPherson, T.J. Scott
Produced by Taylor Williams, Brad MacPherson, TJ Scott

Katrina Law
Lochlyn Munro
Victoria Pratt
Nick E. Tarabay

Actress Annie Gunn and producer Billy Rich decide to make a drunken run for a quickie Vegas wedding. Tourists Roy and Jamie Dillen come along as witnesses.
Screaming down the back roads of the California desert, a turn in the road reveals a woman firing a gun at them. The car swerves. Not quick enough. They hit the woman and crash.
The carís wrecked, the womanís dead, and the desert looms large. Then when one of the group turns up dead, itís a matter of choosing sides and staying alive.
DEATH VALLEY is a desert noir thriller that mixes brooding suspense, high tension, and human desperation to ask, who do you know, who do you trust, and how far do you go to claim what you want?